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Adept SC spell
Couldn't locate this spell change in patch notes 1.2- current, maybe I missed it but I remember reading that it makes you vulnerable to incoming damage and reduces outgoing damage but increases healing output greatly with more SC buffs like a spell haste.

Can anyone help me with what currently Adept does, and perhaps a link to the patchnote/post concerning adept as well?

@Ub3rgames maybe with the completion of healing chant and earthquake mobility changes also comes updated spell, skill, and stat popup tooltip/'s and description/'s to fix typos and reflect new changes and not misleading with the old.  Please?
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Re: Adept SC spell
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I think you described the theorycraft version that hasn't been implemented yet. TBA
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)

Re: Adept SC spell
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It cancels tongue rot. Both spells should be changed.

Re: Adept SC spell
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It cancels tongue rot. Both spells should be removed.

fixed that for you :P

Re: Adept SC spell
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- All attribute buffs are converted to percentage based traits for clarity.
- All attribute buffs heal a bit of health and a bit of the attribute they impact. (health/mana/stamina)
- Lay on Hands at lvl 1: Keeps cooldown, places other heals on its cooldown. Best heal for multitaskers. Linked to school.
- Heal Other at lvl 10: No cooldown, shorter cast time, most mana efficient. Great to keep chip damage for a group in check. Linked to school.
- Sacrifice at lvl 20: No cooldown, least mana efficient, costs health, most burst healing. Great to save a single target at personal cost. Linked to school.
- Adept: Temporarily increases Spellchanting potency greatly, decreases protections and all other forms of damage greatly.
- Mana blast: Becomes an healing blast. No drop off for healing effect.
- Healing Chant: Can be used while moving, better healing, no drop off for healing effect.

Does it respond to your question?

Re: Adept SC spell
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Yes, thanks!  I knew I read that somewhere!  Could u provide a link to that post?

Re: Adept SC spell
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