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Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
Hello everyone. I'm going to start playing this weekend, very excited. I understand pop is low and don't mind treating my leveling experience as a solo rpg for the time being.

I've been browsing around and soaking in as much information as possible before my adventure. I just want to be as efficient as I can when it comes to leveling my Mage. I know I have a long grind ahead of me, but I want to be a magic user (hoping to be an Earth Mage, but open to anything really).

Mainly looking for what titles to pick up and meditation priority list. I would really appreciate it. All suggestions, recommendations and opinions welcome. Thank you very much for your time.

Re: Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
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For leveling speed, look for hard mobs (orange or red on the map) and try to get a group going to level them up.
Harder mobs give more exp, and spawn scaled mobs give more exp. If you multiply both, it's a lot nicer (for example, I used to level my Earth magic at level 21+ Sun Exarchs and leveling speed was really good)

For manually leveling Intelligence, linked spells are your friend (spells that level with school or sub-school passive; each cast of such a spell counts as 3 spellcasts for the thing it's linked to, 3 spellcasts for Int gain, and 1 spellcast for subskills it's not linked to). For example, healing/buffing a friend who melees hard mobs will slowly level your Spell Chanting school, but level your Int faster than shooting offensive spells ever could.

As for meditation, I'd recommend meditating school itself to 100, so that grinding spells levels all of your sub-school passives.
Alternatively, getting Intelligence to 75 ASAP is also a solid investment, as it unlocks 4 main passives for mages (Mana Conservation and Veteran Mage earlier, and Archmage and Reagent Conservation at 75). Maybe that should be your 2nd objective (after primary school to 100).

I'm not the one to give you school recommendations for PvP, but I think most agree that in current state, Air is the strongest (or definitely top 3) school.
The less schools you title in - the less grind you'll have + allows you usage of transmuted staves (they aren't super good, but can often be found cheap and are okayish for single school mages).

Whatever route you go, I recommend getting:
* Earth to 70-80 for utility it unlocks (Stoneskin - physical prot selfbuff, Impale - a physical damage ray for farming magic immune monsters, Stamina Leech - simply amazing, Pungent Mist - a single target blind that also does damage; 80 for Ironskin - a physical prot buff other)
* Arcane to 50 (Mana Leech - works against all mobs and helps you in PvE)
* Fire to 30 (Melee Haste - if you ever group up with a melee friend, you'll want it)

GL HF and welcome aboard :)

PS keep in mind that everything is frontloaded - meaning you don't need to grind every single thing to 100 to be good. Only things you need at 100 are your (main) schools of magic.
68 is the magic number (90% of total bonus you get from leveling)
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Re: Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
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For starting off, grind mobs that drop good regs and aren't too hard(lots of unavoidable damage or big downtime due to healing.)  The idea is u grind these easy, good reg mobs as u have a small mana pool for starting off.  As you get more mana and become more mana efficient, the tougher mobs become easier and a better investment for your time.

Speaking of time, your magic grind consists of skill gain or loot farm.  If u have the gold/regs, spend your time for skill gaining with a power hour.  If u need gold/regs, spend your time for looting what u need to setup for a skill grind power hour later.  Finding a good in-between mob spawn(gold/reg + difficulty) and a high difficulty mob to skill gain easy on (high hp, difficulty, and potential weakness to your damage) are always on top of your mind.  The stronger you become, the difficulty factor will decrease resulting in only going after tough mobs to maximize time investment in grinding.

I would meditate, as wyverex said, your school of choice to 100 first followed by intelligence to 75.  If you really can't decide which magic titles to start with, pick the path that u have access to reg drops nearby.  Say u get 100s of sulfur easily, then go fire magic title and if u want to be full fire mage, pick other titles that increase fire damage.

Since you say you want to be earth, I am also earth mage so here's what I did. I picked earth mage, potent mage, combo, scholar.  When I'm not actively playing, I have laborer title to assist str/vit gain via semi-afk harvesting and would sell resources for regs.  I actually meditated quickness to 50 first while I did magic because my school was raising actively fast(I had a good source of resin).  When i reached 50earth , i used stoneskin for my melee grind to 10mastery while still meditating quickness to 50 and halting magic grind(banked tons of keys, gold, and arrows).  At 50 quickness, meditated earth until 100 and did other magic grinds for things like melee haste, leeches, etc.  Then finally with non-meditated 75int (from melee combat transfers and all around basic magic prereqs), with well rounded stats (all 40-50ish minus dex because I didn't touch archery), I then continued to finish earth magic and raise all the spells I would use while meditating stats and then schools to 50.(disclaimer: i had 200k med carry over from indev and also kept it topped off through playtime until everything i wanted to meditation was almost 75) This way, you develop your character well rounded and aren't too much of a glass cannon.  If you chose to strictly do only earth magic, be advised your health and stamina pools will be low due to low stats besides intelligence which grants mana.  Also, resin drops arent the best..  your spawns are limited.

Hope any of this helps in your character creation.  PM me if you got questions or need a farming buddy this weekend.
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Re: Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
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Thank you very much for those posts, super helpful and just what I was looking for.

Re: Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
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Also check the markets in towns for deals on regs, Many players have thousands of regs from farming and sell them for 2 to 3gp each which is way cheaper than the 6gp each on a vendor.

Also you get more exp with more damage you do on a mob so use a good staff and good robes/hood.

Re: Looking for efficient guide on leveling a PvP viable Mage.
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Agree with others on the following:
- med first school to 100, then INT to 75 (for Archmage)
- if you're going Earth, buy resin off Marketplace for 2-3g each

- don't even bother training melee until WAYYY later
- hunt creatures weak to Earth that drop decent treasure, such as Windlords, Evil Eyes, most humanoid monsters etc.  Golems if you're grouped
- if you have much semi-afk time, chop wood or mine whenever you can , for more HP