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Racial Warfare - Flipping NPC towns to Chaos towns
Allow the outer NPC cities (non-starter) to be flippable to Chaos cities. 

Enemies can upgrade the nearest chaos bind stone and disable the towers at the outer NPC towns.

Temporary upgrading the nearest Chaos stone is done by delivering resources to upgrade the chaos bind stone and doing specific localized quests that become available at the bind stone.  The bind stone is up gradable thru a series of steps over time, finalizing in a temporary disabling of the guard towers of the NPC city for 1 week then resetting, allowing the same process to be run again.

Upgrading the chaos stone to disable the towers should have a set of levels

Lvl 1 - Building Foundations - Enemy pays resources (resources and gold sink) to start this phase (lasts 1 week - proposed)
Opens up local quests from the stone
Flags on map - different color
Starts the point counter at the stone, when points get to required level trigger upgrade for Lvl 2
Points can be gained from completing quests, providing resources (building mods) and killing local population (? racial kill counts with alt prevention 1 kill per toon per day)  At this point only the enemy factions can earn points.

Lvl 2 - Powering up - mid phase Tug of War enemy and locals can do quests from the stone and disable the stone thru asset damage
Opens more quests for both the enemy and local population - points can go up and down based on enemy vrs local actions
Points are available for both locals and enemy (tug of war mechanism)
Asset damage can be done to the Chaos stone to disable points (quests and donations) till repaired (both locals and enemy)
Once a certain level of points is reached the bind stone is locked and a countdown begins, after the count down ends the NPC city towers are disabled.

Lvl 3 Active - towers diasbled - lasts for 1 week
After stage 3s duration the mechanism resets allow the process to restart

Reward Idea - additional enemy quests (with valuable rewards) could be made available at the NPC city bind stone, providing additional value in flipping a NPC town
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