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[content] Rework Trade Routes
A simple idea, imo.

Trade Route rework:
* Trade Route starter and end points become open 24/7
* maybe even allow travel from and to any of the 4 points, instead of making them one-dimensional
* reward scales with how fast you turn it in - which incentivizes their pathing being more predictable
* New NPC "shady helper"; players can "bribe" him to give them info on last 1h of activity
- number of players who bought trading goods in the last 1h
- estimate of their current location (actually read that player's location and give a +-100m random and then draw a 150m circle around the random location)
- Bribe cost scales with number of players that bought trading goods in the last hour

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Re: [content] Rework Trade Routes
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tldr buff alts