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Re: happy encounters #1
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I'm tired but you're not saying OP's video is showing "twitch aim script"? ???
I'm saying there is something in OPs video that shares simarlities across many videos that have inhuman twitch behavior resulting in near perfect aim, most noticeable on select abilities and actions. Which is why aoes are cast at the ground so they don't entirely miss(still slight noticeable twitch aim on some aoe casts in OPs vid though), as mentioned previously...
It's strange to me that you hit so much better using acid arrow compared to the different AoEs you use :)

Went digging, found the thread I mentioned earlier in this thread about how obvious/simple an aim script can be:,8982.0.html
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Re: happy encounters #1
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there are no good players playing anymore

no one wants to watch this noob vs noob content


Hmm interesting. So kal venom and garoo are noobs then as they still play? Men of the mountain or whatever. Pretty sure they have been in recent vids.

Regardless after big abbo stopped logging in it pretty much confirmed the death nail of this game having any PvP cream. It's been replaced by ivar cheese with a side order of mycke battlespike on top.

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Re: happy encounters #1
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Thanks for posting your video. You need to enchant your staff and lose some buffs.

To the rest of you. Get a job nerds.