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Some Quick, Succinct General Ideas for Noob QoL
As discussed in constructive chat,

Wiki with in-game links, possibly linked to some sort of "learning helper" akin to rimworld.  This is in lieu of a developmentally expensive in-game tutorial.

Perhaps a side-server for noobs to learn the ropes?  Noob protection is one step, but that fades if you finish the noob quests as you must go outside the starting zone. 

Possibly a way to block general griefing in starting areas, with optional toggle? Anything really to block veteran douchebaggery (since that is a natural consequence of humans off the leash...)  Would it be possible to have new players in a different phase altogether where they can't see vets and vets can't see them? *shrug*

Really want to see this game succeed, and i've noticed the strength of freeform has tended to be a brutal weakness when it comes to new people who come in for the first time.