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Villages, titles and so on.
Villages need to be capped by the clan alliance rather than the clans themselves. It just drives a wedge between each other "who caps it this time?".

Why is it that melee/archery titles synergises so well with each other yet magic specific titles tend to bring maluses to each other. It doesn't make any sense at all.


Archer, combo, warrior, GS, veteran brawler.              Fire, SC, Necro, combo, scholar
9% archer potency,                                                     5% magic potency  with titled schools
9% melee potency,                                                     -3% magic potency with untitled schools                                                
4% stam eff                                                                -8% archery and melee potency
-8 magic potency

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Re: Villages, titles and so on.
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shit - removed my previous comment due to me being in need of learning to read.

I agree with the suggestion.
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