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Great work with altfall
The last few patches and the incoming skinning change have really changed a lot about altfall. The difference between lvl 20 brownies and lvl 1 brownies is a lot smaller. Same goes for many other spawns.

People have whined a lot about altfall. Now that they finally implement a fix for it and also change a lot of other stuff, people fail to see that and focus on complaining.
February: bring as many alts as possible to all spawns ingame to have no downtime and get good loot
Example: ogre bosses lvl 8 with no downtime skinning for 3-4 thick leather (doable with 5 alts and 3 actives)

May: go wth a nice setup to most spawns and get a nice amount of kills and loot.  Not as good as spawnscaling in February but a lot closer! And we haven't even seen the skinning changes yet!!!!

Most of the other "fixes" for spawnscaling with alts can be broken by playing x chars simultaneously!
If youfind a broken spawn, report it and move on.

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Re: Great work with altfall
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I definitely agree that the second detrimental part of AltFall is being solved with the first being village rewards.

Now it's a matter of:
City nodes
Use of alts from off races to distance snipe marketplaces
Simple crafting/cooking
Alt banks
Alt ship strongboxes

Once all the above is fixed, the new player experience can finally begin to be worked on. Couple it with maybe a UI improvement and the game will be able to bring in and retain new players to replace and outpopulate those that leave.
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Re: Great work with altfall
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They should revert city nodes back to what it was in DFO: Global cap, instead of personal cap. Otherwise you will always have tons of alts camping the nodes, as we saw in several videos already.

Also agree on simplify cooking and crafting. Smelting and Woodcutting should require no Title. Same for cooking basic stuff like 2 minutes fish.

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Re: Great work with altfall
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My list simply consists of the continuous advantages still left when pitting a solo player vs a multiboxer. The moment you can at least address the glaring issues, the less inclined multiboxers are in logging those alts in so they can play at the same efficiency as a solo player while getting a few extra resources here and there by having a separate client or two gathering in the background.
Not logging in a massive amount of alts throuought the day to do some zero risk rare ore gathering from a node that's capped to each individual player.

I also feel crafting is a joke and I liked someone's idea of binding a character's current crafting skills to the crafting station so a fellow clan member can just deposit the mats into the UI and have their stuff made at double the crafting time and with no skill ups to the crafter.
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)

Re: Great work with altfall
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yeah greatwork with altfall,circus still here 1:40

Re: Great work with altfall
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The problem is that i don't know any single game out there where those who wants to do it, can't multibox and get some kind of advantage, and i see no way to prevent it (unless you design a game so that every single activity requires active playing....but that would mean to completely change a lot of stuff, so i doubt it is ever going to happen).

Those who want/have time/money/will to multibox, will always have more than those (like me) that play a single account.
As it stands now i think we're in a good shape. I can play my single account and get enough stuff to sustian myself pretty well, so i personally don't mind if there are people out there who want to multibox and alt tab every 5 minutes just to gather more mats in the same timeframe.

Re: Great work with altfall
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Gathering with more accounts was never the main issue. It was mostly solved by making nodes around NPC cities shit.
You can always go out and kill semi-afk harvesters; in a way you could say semi-afk harvesters provide content.

What were/still are HUGE issues:
* insane rewards from villages - bring as many naked alts as you can
* spawn scaling with alts to get higher skill gain + more loot + less/no downtime
* using alts as a mobile 100% safe bank (logoff with lots of loot / siege gear)
* using alts to exploit get lots of materials from clan nodes in holdings

Additionally, alts are used / exploited in other ways:
* reds using blue alts to access racial markets
* people accessing other races' markets

Ub3rgames did some nice changes to address the need for alts for the huge issues, but there's still a lot more needed.
For example:
* making overencumbered characters stay really long / permanently in-game, even after they log off (of course, with some exceptions, limitations)
* making clan nodes drop off in efficiency faster (instead of -1 resource per player, make it -3 per player hitting the node, or something along the lines)
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Re: Great work with altfall
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Pretty much everything wyverex said.

The other reason you may think the game is currently in a good place with multiboxers vs solo client players may be due to the different titles you have access to among all your characters. A solo aspiring pvp/pve er May at least have a skinning title but doesn't want to gimp himself any further so he can't cook his on food, make r40 gear, refine his own mats.

I understand the game was designed this way to promote an actual economy where you have players actively doing these crafting tasks but when you've given the playerbase way more incentives to having an alt character vs not having one, it creates a chain effect where everyone has their own alt to do simple tasks all because no one else is going to do it for them.

When's the last time you saw someone getting paid to turn someone's timber/ore into wood/ingots? Or the last time the ratios of the refined mats greatly exceeded the raw versions to compensate the time spent to refine?

The point is AltFall actually took away the role of the dedicated crafters except for anything beyond mastery levels. I don't know if letting anyone craft up to r40 gear is the solution (even though I feel it would help) but I do know if there would've been less incentives to have alts, it would've encouraged trade/marketplace use and would've helped out the solo player more
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Re: Great work with altfall
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I still think all R0 gear (including 2 min food and small potions) should be craftable without titles

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Re: Great work with altfall
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wow great work guys ! youve done it now you can stop nerfing alts pls!

10 alts here btw

You should recomend the game to new players. It's never been in a better state

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Re: Great work with altfall
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10 alts here btw
Hands down, best meme
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)

Re: Great work with altfall
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I still think all R0 gear (including 2 min food and small potions) should be craftable without titles

Definitely the lower tier food.

But to even dent the perceived need for crafting alts you would have to do something entirely different. While I think Ub3r is correct that you can have 3 combat titles and two crafting and still be a viable PvP build in many cases it really doesn't matter because most players would rather pay for an alt to craft with than lose even 0.0001% combat ability.  That's not even addressing the fact that Ub3r plans on multiple tiers of Titles and many more general Titles (both sorely needed to make more variety of builds)... What then when you main has maxed Alchemy crafting, but you really want that second tier of Air magic, that's a massive investment of time and in game resources to just click away, so the safer bet is to just put it on an alt in the first place.

I don't really like the 5+1 Title suggestions, but it would somewhat address the issue. perhaps a 4 +1 where one could be a general or crafting title might be a little better.

Another thing that would encourage crafting Titles on mains would be to give them a small combat/ non crafting bonus.
Here's a few suggestions...
Tailor, Light Armorer, Heavy Armorer, Weapon Smith, Bowyer, Shield crafter, and Alchemist all gain a small bonus to the enchantment effect of the items they can craft and are wearing.

Tamer, can do wilderness Taming at 50 skill, and while out of combat can make a racial mount anywhere, but the process takes 3 - 5 minutes (depending on skill) and cannot interupted.

Cook, food duration, stacks with Human Trait.

Ship Builder, and Warhulk builder small bonus to ship or Warhulk turning speed

Artilerist, small bonus to rate of fire when using Artillery

Herbalist Small bonus to stat gains from taking potion.

Laborer, moderate increase to maximum weight able to be carried based on skill, ie 10 -50 kg

Construction, small to moderate repair speed bonus.

...Of course there's no magic solution to eliminate the benefits of alts altogether but incrementally they can be made less relevant.