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Hardruk dongeon
guys i love what you did with the dongeon.
it is realy awsome the way it behave
Here is what i found impossible to dealt with: raptor sarnak team
here is the problem,1 raptor in close range, is a death trap so you snipe them but i am in a dongeon so i can't get away. but let say i kill 1 i still have 8 more raptor to go
on top of that i will have to deal with 9 sanark because they share the same room and all these mob out run me
i wonder if the raptor are really needed in the dongeon as there is few spawn close and as for the vile sarnak we don't have any close so i wound really like to give a try

the other issue is the overlaping of leach from sarnak vs golem and golem vs shadow spirit
you can somehow use the golem spawn to stat up but if you go back to the entry. the momment you entrer in the corridor you have 13 shadow spirit rushing from both side and locking you in a death hug

in this dongeon there is just one safe spot and it is the entry

and scaling in this dongeon is a death wish   :D

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Re: Hardruk dongeon
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Hardruk. Farming for 3 hours and leveling magic during inDev. 2 dwarfs jump us after almost 3 hours, we barely manage to kill them, them proceed to die to the vile sarnakh / raptor combo on the way out. Took us 2 more hours and like 4-5 different attempts to get our stuff back. By the time we were exiting the same 2 dwarfs came back from Erinthel (iirc) to fight us again just to die to the tower at the wilderness bank nearby as they have overextended. Was (painfully) fun.

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