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Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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Jesus patch imo would be very big: So many things wrong with these systems especially with low population!!!

My patch notes would be like this:
- No more skinning fails and skinning time reduced by 50%. Skinning titel removed.
- Harvesting masteries vastly decrease harvest time.
- "First available" option for hotkey.
- Faster speed on roads implemented. Wagons now available under construction to attach your mount and it can carry 2000kg. Wagons will slow down any mount with 50% speed.
- Complete revamp of titel system as we have come to see it hurts the game with low population and new players the most. So industry titels unlocks crafting masteries. Besides that titel system no longer is dependant on time, but can be redone every 48 hours. This is to make ppl able to have alot more freedom in trying another playstyle. Industry titels is a longer commitment and to avoid cycling of it those can only be redone once a week.
- Made clan markets in player cities with crafting orders.
- All villages have had their timer removed and is now a King Of the hill mini game to get meditation points and is connected to holdings near by for clans to receive. Villages should be a bigger part of the game and daily pvp, so we changed em to be in constant fight like we know it from many RvR games. You should be able to see on map which clans hold em as clans have to make a flag with a logo.
- Every clan will have or make a flag with logo for further use in RvR games, Racial warfronts, conquests and seatowers etc.
- Every clan member will have a tabard with that logo on and it can be toggled on and off in paperdoll.
- We also made alot more trade routes on land and harbors ala Archeage- the reward will either be meditation or different materials according to the trade route and their local mats - this is made to have another way of getting materials or meditation and to have even more ways ppl can meet up in our world.

Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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Make a new topic mantro if we have patch today or not

Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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Not the Jesus patch, the Messiah (Moshiach) patch!

The longer you watch, the more likely it'll come.  Seriously, watch to the end :)

Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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Bonjour @Ub3rgames, knowledge of whether to expect a patch this weekend or not would be appreciated.

Just your best guess please, if merde happens then ce'st la vie.

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Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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Twitter never lie!

11+7 = 18 -> Patch is today  :P

Re: Jesus patch tomorrow?
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