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bug in clan configuration
When I log on, I get the message that my clan accepts enemy races and accepts evils. I have so long to do something about... or something like that.
My clan does not accept enemy races nor evils and my configuration is set as such.

I went to configuration and clicked save. It gave me a pretty blue message saying I accept all things good. But after logging in again, it get the not so pretty red letters again.

Tis a bug... that has now been reported.
Biash Aldanari - Wardens

Re: bug in clan configuration
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Same happening to my clan.
The save click method, though doesn't fix it. When we saved it again all those online saw the blue message saying we only accept good players, but anyone that logged later on, still saw the "your clan accept red player" message anyway

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Re: bug in clan configuration
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Maybe the game knows more about your clan than you do

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