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Minor polish items
There is a buildable item in player cities called "scaffhold".  No such word it should be scaffold.

When you complete a daily mission you get a message including "report you success to".  It should be your not you.

There are quite a few little English language failings but those are the only two I can remember right now.  Will add on here when I spot the others again.

Re: Minor polish items
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I can't change my starter weapon. For several months I've been stuck with a starter bow and can't change it. Similarly, it is currently impossible to drop a melee power (e.g. double jump, or sidestep), it can only be replaced, it is impossible to drop it and become pure once again.

Nothing game-breaking, but annoying. I login after each patch and try to change my starter weapon. It has been disappointing every time so far.

Re: Minor polish items
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This certainly worked when game went live.  Did you just buy the one you want at the vendor?  That's what I did and it worked.

Re: Minor polish items
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Just saw a message coming  up that someone had captured a vcp for the "13rd" time in a row.  Obviously should be 13th.  :)