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About titles
Can't really see define explanation what actually these potency terms in titles do?

So can some one clarify for me what exactly -  for example - in great sword title the overall potency means?  Does it mean swing speed +damage? Or is it just 6%more damage per swing? Or something else?
Viil Taja

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Re: About titles
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Potency is both speed and damage.

For magic it's also mana and stamina efficiency for spells. Dunno if it's stamina efficiency for archery/melee.

Re: About titles
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Potency for Magic:
* Cast Speed
* Magnitude (damage & secondary effects)
* mana efficiency
* bonus duration for buffs/debuffs

Potency for Melee/Archery:
* Attack Speed / Draw Speed
* Damage
* stamina effic

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Re: About titles
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Thx guys for the info.
Viil Taja