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Capture the Flag - Racial Warfare content
Add a racially aligned capture the flag system that is available constantly.   Start with a simple minimal implementation re-using graphic assets and mechanisms to implement

Spawn 3 flags randomly (Giant glowing eggs was first thought, but you can make them anything lore based)

Flags show on Map for all to see - creates focal point for PVP

Flags are very hvy forcing slow walk (beyond mount capacity), but carrying a flag makes someone UN-Grounded, so they can be pushed, pulled and punted.

Logging out or dying drops flag

Players are rewarded by returning the flag to any racial capital NPC
(use a repeatable quest mechanism for returning the item to make it easier to implement)

Returning a flag to the racial capital gives the whole race a XP buff (something like a racial power hour - could be limited to blues)

Upon returning the flag to the racial capital spawn another flag.

Re-use the trade run Backpacks (maybe change the color) for the carrier and possibly add a light or mark type spell effect (remove sound if possible) to the flag carrier to highlight them.

Extensible - later add, guild bonus for keeping a flag at a player holding, add flag to watchtower mechanic for local bonuses, return flag to alignment church for big alignment reduction etc

Re: Capture the Flag - Racial Warfare content
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This is a great suggestion that can create small group content

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Re: Capture the Flag - Racial Warfare content
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This is the type of race wars shit we need. I even feel the same should apply to villages. Villages should still give rewards with med and what not but they shouldn't make blues lawless. Blues should be working together to cap villages and when their race caps a village, it gives a buff for that particular race when they are within that village tile until the next time it goes vulnerable.

The clan vs clan mentality is kind of dumb
Fair enough ill be there, Actually can we do it Thurs
(ive been lugging boxes of books all morning from a collection I bought and a little beat)