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1) Make each dungeon provide more skill gain, but in different numbers.
Island dungeons and central dungeon have max bonus 75%, Dungeons in the NPC city only 10%,

2) Increase loot of mobs\skin in dungeon for 10-20% in compare with onground mobs.

This will bring more players inside dungeons, aswell if dungeon network will be implemented

Re: Dungeons
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dungeons would turn into safezones because people would just put alts at entrances, making it even more impossible to gank people inside dungeons than now

Re: Dungeons
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Do not kill alts, lol. Btw game have triggers better than alts, And You do not need 2nd character for that. If You do not kniw that, than You are bad

Re: Dungeons
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casual 30 years old kid is trying to facilitate his life,because current pve/skillgains is too hard for him,stop cry.
Those who want to play this game is already maxed. Those who not going to play,they dont care about gains.When gains is slow they always cry.
But if you give them fast gains and they will not stay either.
Default df story with many proofs.Game will be dead with fast gains and with slow gains either.So,why increase gains if result will be same?They dont need this game and they not going to stay.Only small group of fanboys will play this.
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