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Map Improvements (+party improvements)
Show all loot of specific mob.
Make map skinning info scale to your levels.
Add filter catagory similar to markets for types of items and Q1 bile Q3 darktaint etc
Option to "scale" the spawn on the map to see it's scaled loot - will help plan PvE and saves time (less wasted effort, bad experiences)
Change mouse over on holdings to detail the unique features it has, an image of the holding, and indicate if the holding is friendly (clan or alliance holding)
Add option to draw a line on a map which will tell you the distance the line covers (logistics without a ruler..)

and ofcourse changing the current map options to be more user friendly

(might add more as I think of them)

more things:
Add option to bookmark, favourite an icon on the map
Add waypoints that can be created by clicking on the map (by the party leader which leads to next suggestions)
Allow multiple waypoints with different colours
Create more party tools, add options to disallow waypoint creation and party invites unless person is promoted within the party
Option for clan parties where anyone in a clan can join the party without an invite if the party is up
Option to kick someone from a party (rarely necessary, but a basic need)

(please note that this is a collective suggestion thread, some of these ideas were suggested by clan members, some of which don't use the forums - I've glued together some recent ideas I had with those mentioned in the past to make this thread)
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Re: Map Improvements (+party improvements)
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yeah i'd rather not google the names of enchant mats from some 2009 wiki page, and its impossible for noobs to use map to search anything useful