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Re: Selling Ships
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Is there a comparison table of ships?
How many cannons, cannon distribution, estimate of HP, speed...
Number and distribution of cannons can be found here...

Only Info I have on HPs is from tests I did back in DFO which may or may not have changed.
From what I remember...
Pinnace = 1500 HP
Brig/Schooner = 2700 - 3000 HP
Junk = 1500 HP

As for speeds, the difference between the slowest (MOW) and fastest (Schooner) is about the speed on a player running.
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Re: Selling Ships
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Ships and supplies still available at Jamukar's Fall.

Re: Selling Ships
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dnd dont have real players to use ships.Only horde carebears is playing,they dont know how to use ships and make content.

Re: Selling Ships
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Level 75 Ships added.