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Tips for New Players
Switch your AUTO RUN key from numlock to R so its easy to touch.
If your a mage then get double jump so when you begone you can get extra distance.
If your melee get double step so you can get that extra foot by double stepping forward to re-engage your sticky back.
put your minimap to 300% and have your world map sitting on top of you system menu so you can navigate long distances but still see where your party members are in a fight.
Carry a one hand weapon so if you get into combat on your mount you can at least hit someone.
Carry a shield so you can parry up if you are getting rekt. Normally your buddies can all toss you heals while you are parrying and save your ass.
Pick one melee weapon and level it to the mastery. You may not want to get into melee. Maybe you even want to avoid it completely but you are going to get into melee. Its gonna happen.
Pick a ranged skill and max it out. Archery is the easiest. Its 2 stats (dexterity and quickness) and 2 skills (archery and sharpshooter) but at max level with a good bow its the best single target damage in the game. Magic is a longer commitment. Its only 1 stat (intelligence) but its 7 skills (the spell you are casting, archmage, the school of the spell, the 4 subskills of that school). But at higher levels it does alot of damage and if you miss you will probably still hit for 10-15 dmg if you hit close enough.
No matter what you do, you should be healing your friends. It doesn't matter if your wearing full plate. Heal your friends.
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Re: Tips for New Players
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Good advice, don't do the autorun thing though, it's a waste of a prime location keybind.

Re: Tips for New Players
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fair enough. what do you have R bound to?
They say you are what you eat
I took the star outta starvation.

Re: Tips for New Players
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Fireball. Autorun is clear over on right bracket
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Re: Tips for New Players
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I use a razer naga which has 12 buttons on the side where your thumb sits naturally so I don't need to bind anything to the keys around my keyboard. I would strongly suggest setting every single button on your bars from multitap to combo as it works as you would expect it to work where multitap makes you press the button twice in succession to get to the second spell and to get to the third spell after you use the second you have to hit the button 3x. Combo will just go to the next spell in line like you would think it would.

I like R because alot of times i am running after someone who is running away and i want to double step to them, and i can't double step and run forward at the same time. So autorun, then double tap w to get a couple of feet towards them. does fireball have a popup when intensity gets up there? seems like if they are moving there is no pop up and if they are standing still then they pop up.
They say you are what you eat
I took the star outta starvation.

Re: Tips for New Players
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R is my pvp column linked to staff and ray + switch to column
Cap lock is auto sprint
Tab is auto run
F is my pull weapon

Re: Tips for New Players
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1. Do not read game's forum.
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Re: Tips for New Players
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I'd just like to add one thing for new players.  When deciding how you want to play, just go with melee / archery and save yourself the headache of pretending like mage is a viable option.  If you ever happen to come across a robe set, just burn it.