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To our Russian friends...
Putin unveils new weapons...
2 deaths of people tied to Russia living on UK soil...
Putin confirmed gave order to shoot down that plane a wild back...
Tensions with NK, possible Soviet Era technology being used in their missles...

What's going on over there? In all seriousness? Are yall just stroking yourselves or are you guys preparing for a fight?

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Re: To our Russian friends...
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Only Russians that are allowed online are the state sponsored propaganda machines/hackers. Thats why I'm always nice to them.

I dont want the FBI showing up at my front door saying im distributing kiddy porn or something because they were using my IP as a proxy.

Russians are the best! Putin is my hero!
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Re: To our Russian friends...
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I bribed the officer Moone, used a spy

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Re: To our Russian friends...
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i heared the queen got shaved by russian intruders

Re: To our Russian friends...
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oh noez the russians are scary
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Re: To our Russian friends...
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UK is doomed. Russian Attack! game i used to play on the NES.
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Re: To our Russian friends...
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It's all for your safety.