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Stat convertions and titles
Is any title noticably increasing the stat convertions? Does master alteration master make them last more and heal for more?

Re: Stat convertions and titles
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alteration would but they are all in the rejuv school now. raw title used to effect it. 1 extra tick maybe 2.
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Re: Stat convertions and titles
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Just generic titles maybe?

Re: Stat convertions and titles
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The thing is i noticed that wether with 2 or 3 ticks they heal the same ammount. The alteration should affect them since it affects all spell duration.

Re: Stat convertions and titles
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i have alteration at 50ish as a title and, up to now, it makes them actually worst (i get 3 ticks for 10-11 instead of 2 for 15-16 so, overall the amount is the same but in more ticks).
I opened a bug thread to report this and in that thread some other guy replied that with alteration title at 100 and scholar at 100 during indev he was getting a self heal for 40 in a single that case it was clearly better.

Don't know if the latest patch changed anything on them, though (i am still getting 3 ticks for 10-11 currently, so probably nothing changed)