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Re: LOL 1 month in and....
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To any alfar leaving the game , can I have your stuff?

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Re: LOL 1 month in and....
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Slow transportation and local banks are the main cause of a bad economy by definition. No need to be surprised at this, just play and enjoy the Middle Ages.
Darkfall is not about a good economy. This is not Sim city.

We need caravans asap to move heavy stuff like wood and stones, this is the only complain i have. Once we have these things then the economy will be fine. Maybe the relocation of mobs that is under development right now can help too.
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Re: LOL 1 month in and....
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I just woke up. Let me grab a cup of coffee and run to the darkfall forums and start a "Game iz Ded" Thread while I que up for pubg...
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