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Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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That's why I don't do communism. Take care of yourself and help the clan with the extra shit u have, but NEVER do the whole "donate everything and hope you get enough for what you need back". You won't.

Farm what materials you need for yourself and trade it to Crafters/guild for crafted gear. If you have extras give them a bonus on the trade or simply donate occasionally to help your friends out. Never give everything u have. You'll find you end up running around without gear, every time.

For your future, find a clan that won't require u to give them everything and try again.

Don't worry about the people insulting your English. It might take a few extra seconds of thinking, but the gist of your message is understandable. A lot of native English speakers have difficulty understanding that their language is not the main language of most people, but a second one. Most of them talking shit here won't be able to put together even 1 sentence in your native language ;)
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Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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Je ne parle pas francais.
No habla espanol.
Mōshiwakearimasenga watashi wa t ga nihongo o hanasu don.
я не говорю по-русски

All of that translates roughly to, dont nobody speak that garbage barbarian language. 
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Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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4 days into launch , this totally new player on darkfall tried to impersonate us ( epoch , he introduced himself as officer of epoch ) and went shittalking to Gentlemen to try to start a "war". We heard about it , got the screenshot , and sent everything and talked to french connection.

I mean , it's been 1 month we know he's a complete retard , i'm just really wondering why it took you so much time to realize that.

At least now everyone can see he's having mental issues , just let him

Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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Hey Recasintra you seem like a cool and well educated dude so if you ever want to join another french clan we got a position for you over at Islamic State of France as our Diplomat, you will have to manage the diplomaty with other clans, let me know if this is something you r interested in, salam.
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Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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Re: The Real Story of French Connection.
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