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Leveling Speed & Frontloading
Hello everyone.

I'd first like to say that frontloading works great, but frontloading is not understood / known by most players.
Getting a skill (that does not have a mastery) to level 30 already makes it have 50% of possible bonus (there's a saying going around "30 is the new 50")

What does suck are:
* slow speed of unlocking abilities
* almost no in-game information on how frontloading works

So, I would like to suggest 3 things:
  • Increase leveling speed for 1-30 range. Allow everyone to easily get to 50% efficiency in their spells/skills
  • Increase leveling speed of Spell Schools - make spells easier to unlock.
  • Explain Frontloading to new players, or at the very least hint at its existance

PS this post/suggestion is about combat abilities and skills, not about crafting. I find crafting too boring and worthless to do on my main.

PS2 while on the subject of spell unlocks, check my previous thread:,8192.0.html

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Re: Leveling Speed & Frontloading
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Signatures should unlock at max or lvl with spell school. Also stat grind for mage is aids.

Re: Leveling Speed & Frontloading
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totally agree, I've given up actually playing and just meditating my schools as its faster than grinding and cheaper. So now I'm paying to NOT play a game that I want to play. Very conflicting.

Anyway back on topic, I think schools should be super quick and have a somewhat flat xp gain, so your consistently unlocking spells. For example, max out a school in say a week or two of average play. You still have to level each individual spell and the 4 passives.
Right now, just getting 100 in a school seems like the minimum needed to be 'viable' and that in itself feels like a huge grind or waste of time via meditating.

Re: Leveling Speed & Frontloading
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Immersion of leveling is definitely broken. GG.
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