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The Crimson Brotherhood is now recruiting
The Crimson Brotherhood is recruiting new and vet players.  We are a clan that has been around since the early days of Darkfall online.  We are excited to return under a new name in a fresh chapter of the game.

We are a laid back group that likes to have fun and enjoy all aspects of the game.  We aim to stay a small-medium sized clan, with a strong focus on teamwork and skill over zerging.  There will be constant group events, ranging from the normal PVE and PVP, to creative clan and alliance events.  We will also be participating in the initial land grab.

If you feel you will be a good fit for our clan, or have any questions please pm me.  You must be able to work well as a team and follow calls. We do require the use of our voice comms, as well as joining our forum and discord.  We do this so our members can see alerts for sieges, discuss the clans direction,as well as be able to just chill.  We do not have strict activity requirements, but we do expect clan members to attend all clan sieges when possible.  We also need members to frequently attend our  clan events and group fights to build unit cohesion.  We are a pretty tight clan, and teamwork is an essential part.

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Good luck in the landgrab, guys.

What was the original name of your clan?

Re: The Crimson Brotherhood is now recruiting
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Thanks, good luck to you as well. We were the Brotherhood of Shadows