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Server Crash
So its happened again and again on Friday. One little question. Why you guys don't roll out a patch on Monday , for example, and make always the same mistake? Ppl are coming on weekend and don't want to watch on red connection button. Thnx for attention.
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Re: Server Crash
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i told you its a "darkfall new fail"

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Re: Server Crash
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I also wanne play on Mondays. What is the difference between monday and friday ? When they patch on a friday and the server crashes i dont have to go early to bed on a friday because i have free time on saturday.
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Re: Server Crash
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They doing changes in unknown game.Not any single mega content patch will change population.They doing useless shit updates and crashing server and 150 online gg

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Re: Server Crash
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One thing devs dont like to do is learn from past mistakes aka every game patch on a friday ever, they think they're different and these things wont happen to them welp.
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Re: Server Crash
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i told you its a "darkfall new fail"
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Re: Server Crash
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i think they eay too much frogs

Re: Server Crash
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This was a patch nearly exclusively about bug fixes, specifically so that this week-end is smoother for players.
Population will not pick up until 19:00 with prime time being between 21-23h. This means an afternoon patch accounts for potential issues to be stable for Prime Time, and the week end that follows.

We could have waited Monday or Tuesday and let another week end with the frustrating issues we fixed in this patch.
Or do what we did and have a smooth Friday evening and week end.
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