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PSA: On interacting with GMs
Here are the guidelines on how to interact with GMs, how to reach them and what they can help you with.

The purpose of GMs:
- The purpose of GMs is to help in case of technical difficulties, to receive bug reports and to investigate suspicious players.
- You may reach out to GMs in-game by doing /gm_help or /gm_report followed by an accurate description of the issue.
- /gm_help is for cases where you are having technical difficulties. It is not a gameplay question/help channel.
- /gm_report is to report bugs or suspicious player activity. You will be contacted only if we need more information.
- Feedback is acceptable to be sent on either. It will be forwarded and read by the appropriate people.

GMs in New Dawn have limited powers:
- They cannot reimburse players in any circumstances.
- They cannot teleport players beyond a few meters.
- They cannot trade with player characters.
- They cannot alter skills or attributes.

General guidelines:
- Not all requests will receive an answer. We will only contact you to help or to gather more information.
- Malformed or incomprehensible requests will not receive an answer. Don't just say hello, explain yourself.
- Using private /tell on GMs will yield poor results. Use /gm_help or /gm_report, especially when important.
- GMs will not discuss current or future gameplay mechanics. They are technical support.
- GMS are allowed and encouraged to stop communicating with disrespectful customers.

Side note for former InDev players:
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Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.