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My thoughts on New Dawn...
What you are about to read is the result of several days (About a week) spent in Darkfall: New Dawn and a few more thinking about how I could express my thoughts on the game in written word.  I don't expect anyone to agree with what I have to say because everyone has the right to their own opinions and thoughts, that said... here we go.


Two simple statements that sum up what I have to say...

"The game launched too soon"

"Many of the changes introduced are half-baked and / or are poorly implemented"

Now let's go into some greater detail.  I don't know how long this may end up being, so I'll apologize now for the wall of text that may be in front of you.



Do I really need to say anything?  It's the same bad setup from 2009 with some half-implemented changes such as the auto loot feature that can never be rebound from "F" because they never bothered to put the option into the menu system to rebind the key. For all the people that complain that RoA is taking ideas from DND... maybe this is one aspect of the game where DND should have been looking to RoA for ideas. 


Title System

I'm sure on paper their current title system looks great... but, it just isn't working well.  There are several things to talk about under this topic.  Bottom line though is that such a big change should have been in testing months before launch to iron out any issues... not a few days.


Every big clan has crafting alts.  Why?  Because leadership is correct in thinking that trusting all their clan resources to random players that may either...

A) Leave the clan
B) Quit the game

Would leave their group without the gear everyone needs.  I 100% understand that mentality, and so should everyone.  As the server ages and these alts max out their skills the solo crafters (Real people that enjoy crafting) won't be able to compete on the marketplace.  Be it because they cannot craft the latest gear and must spend months to get up to making R50+ gear or because their items durability is not as good... or that they cannot sell their wares for as low as a clan supplied crafter could.  It's just a poorly designed system that requires more time in the easy bake oven.

This also bleeds into something else that is endlessly annoying...

Because crafting is mostly limited to clan alts not everyone has access to getting gear can take a lot of time and be annoying.  You can say "Well go to the marketplaces in racial territory or chaos cities" ... but common.  Are people really going to be willing to travel from their clan holding for the small chance the nearest marketplace has what they need? It could end up being a waste of 30 - 60 minutes... so most people will just tough it out until the clan crafters are available. 

Why are there no marketplaces in clan holdings to allow clan members to trade / sell items while they are offline and / or otherwise occupied?  It would resolve a lot of the issues surrounding how much time is being wasted just trying to get the gear you want and how annoying it can be to constantly get requests if you so happen to be (On) the crafter. 

Alt Characters

Titles as they are right now make having an alt endlessly rewarding, and for a lot of people an alt feels necessary to get the most out of the game.  Be it because you want to have one character for crafting and another for combat... or you want to use that extra character to exploit the mob scaling system.

Clans bring their crafting / gathering alts to spawns and have them sit somewhere that allows them to easily trigger the spawn to scale.  I've seen situations where 1 - 3 real players have a stack of 5 - 6 alts standing close to each other so that mob AoE attacks cause the spawn to scale up upon every wave.  What was meant to reward many players is suddenly rewarding only a few.

Time Gating

Two months is just an insane amount of time for them to reach 100 / 100.  My thoughts are the same on the skill lockout for 15 days.  There needs to be another way for the game to push people towards making meaningful choices with their playstyle. In a game where PvP is 90% of what makes it fun you cannot gimp people for so long if they decide to change up their titles at some point down the road.  It's just bad design for the type of game Darkfall currently is.  Early on this isn't so much of a problem... but 2 - 3 months in any new players or those changing titles around are left at quite the disadvantage for an extreme amount of time.



On a global server they really need to think about how best to have those timers working, it is too easy to keep villages locked to a certain time zone as they are implemented right now.  Something needs to be put in place that allows the time a village can be captured to shift... and it must be more than clans fighting for control of them because frankly there are not enough people in the game to contest their capture much of the time.  I also believe their rewards need to be looked at, they seem a little too rewarding for the effort put into a capture.


Mob Scaling

Heavily favors ranged combat styles.... spawns that were possible to melee become impossible quickly as the mobs' level up. Also, not a big fan of people / clans using AFK alts to level up the spawn so that those that are there can benefit more from the spawn.



Another good idea and something the game needed.  However, like most other things the idea was not completely fleshed out before launch.

Why are there no marketplaces at clan holdings?

Why does everything need to be on its own? Why not the ability to sell full sets of gear?

If ever people get around to seriously using the marketplaces I really don't like the idea of having to filter out 15 pages of armguards....


Local Banking

A positive change and I feel the right thing to do for Darkfall.  However, not enough was done to compliment this change to make it fleshed out for launch day.  With local banking the following also needed to be introduced... and not months later.

- Some form of land transport for bulk goods (Mount carry weight is not enough / does not count)
- Ships having some form of storage



Death in Darkfall is rough enough before you consider their "Spawn close to where you died" system.  Their current implementation is leaving people feel like they are burning time upon every death because in a lot of cases the choices a player gets leaves them in a position where they need to walk 10 - 20 mins just to get back out into the world doing something "fun".  This only gets worse the further away you go from where you have gear available.  We could then touch on how spawning seems to work for red players... but others have already pointed out how reds seem to have many more options available, so we can skip that. This to me is one of the key factors in the game not being casual friendly. 

No matter what anyone says about needing this mechanic for localization reasons I can't help but feel that making people feel confined to a small part of the map is bad. Letting people explore the world for PvP and not have to worry about a long trek back home if something goes wrong is just the right thing to do.



I've already added to this discussion a little in one topic.  I'll summarize the best I can.

I don't think they are in the position to blow the type of money it takes to advertise, and I'm speaking finically.  After that you have a wall of text above this here sentence describing why the game isn't in a good state.  If they do it now the retention rate wouldn't be worth the cost of getting those new players into the game.  On the flip side if they wait the population is going to shrink to maybe a few hundred active players... we never even reached that magical 10K users they were expecting so the game is already in a pretty bad spot population wise to begin with.  To me it just feels like they are fucked no matter what they decide.

In a game that is heavily reliant on population to keep the PvP engaging there is a certain tipping point where it becomes nearly impossible to keep people interested. 


At the end of the day DND simply isn't ready.  I don't see it being in a good state even a year from now given the resources available to the developers. If they continue to half implement features or not bother fleshing them out completely before moving onto their next idea things will only continue to get worse.  Launching the game, a mere week after such big changes was a bad decision.  Titles needed to be in the game months before release so that what little population the in-dev server had could help improve their introduction into the game.


I also feel that they went too far with some mechanics introduced that make the game very hostile towards people that cannot spend multiple hours per day playing the game.  I covered some of why I feel this way above.  In design you must find a middle ground between the vision you have and what will actually work for most people... this is something I feel Ub3r has failed at.


If you're having fun with the game all power to you... this has all just been my own personal thoughts on the game.

Best regards,

Kevin D. Lee

P.S. - Can people stop comparing DND to EVE?  EVE launched in 2003 when MMORPGs were a big part of the game industry (Growth over time was a much more viable path back then), the game is also infinitely more complex than DND in almost every way... so why compare apples to oranges? 
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Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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How dare I compare DND to EVE.

It's not like EVE is one of the games that inspired the nature of DND

                                                      And Ub3rgames said; It is the way it is, and it was. 8)

Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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Oh look another bullshit post full of false information. I'll be back later with coffee to update

Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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good points, good effort for feedback
ingame: Dropkick Skibba

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Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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Well written,  the games too pvp focused imo, and is draining when it's all about grinding in one shape or form to siege.

Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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I heard if you have thoughts that differ from the devs and think some things need to be fixed than you should go play roa. That's what the most loyal subscribers tell me anyways.

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Re: My thoughts on New Dawn...
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Go play ROA.

It is the way it is.

You just don't understand Uber's vision.

On a serious note, solid post. I want DND to succeed, but I think they need to find an acceptable middle ground. Some of their current systems are too tedious and/or punishing, even for a game like DF.