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About the transfer-gate

We have decided that an int cap was not necessary.
After correlating in game statistics of a snapshot taken at the time the transfer gains were fixed, we've found that the situation was in most cases white or black.
The accounts found guilty have been permanently banned. There are no appeal process for them.
The few that were suspicious but still plausible have been warned.

Even during inDev, we've made quite clear that Darkfall: New Dawn would not let people gain unfair advantages.
If you see something borderline, your best bet is to report it and see it fixed as soon as possible. Do not feel compelled to use it yourself or it WILL come back and bite you.
We're quite disappointed to have seen in that list names that we have had positive interactions with in the past, but that does not protect you.

Thank you for letting us test our statistic collecting system.

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The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.