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Slightly decrease spawn scaling for groups of 10+
At some point when scaling a spawn it spawns so many mobs that you don't even come close to clearing a spawn. The mobs also become much more difficult. The result is:

- much higher time to kill due to increased difficulty
- much higher cost per kill (arrows, reagents, durability)
- much less loot because you are killing fewer mobs, have to share the loot with more people and the mobs only drop a little extra loot

There are then so many mobs that you are trying to kill the one mob in the spawn you are focus firing, when there are 40 other mobs running around shooting at you.

I'd suggest slightly decreasing the AMOUNT of mobs spawned at level ~10 +. We've seen giant skeletons spawn ~30-60 mobs when scaled. Unless you're fighting easy goblins, no group will be able to deal with so many mobs at once.