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PSA: About the limited race change service

Just a few clarifications.
Starting from now, and until the proper race change can be stabilized and released, we will have GMs share one of the race change tokens we have prepared for the end of InDev.
It is a "limited" version of race changes, that was not meant for real usage, although you will keep your skills, name, meditation, inventories and clan affiliation.

- This is an emergency measure for InDev Packs owners.
- Only GM Marc has the access rights to create and trade items. Please be kind to the others.
- We need to see you use it in front of us. This cannot be kept for later or be traded.
- This can be done only once per account.
- Your banks will remain where they were. Those in racial cities will be cut off.
- Your alignment and track records will not be reset.
- It will not teleport your character, you will be disconnected and reconnected at the same spot. Make arrangements first.
- Racial skills and appearance will be lost, you will need to recover both at the new capital city merchants. (barber shop)
- It cannot be used if your clan refuses members of the new race.

In other word, only request one if you are fine with all listed limitations and can no longer wait for the proper version.
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