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Mob Scaling Advice
I think the amount of lower level mobs that can spawn from scaling should go up.
The amount and difficulty of Higher level mobs should go down.

The idea here is that as people level they will go back to the lower level spawns and still gain the benefits in large groups while large groups won't get one shot and overwhelmed by the higher level mobs allowing skinning and looting.

Right now when we scale up something like the black knight there ends up with 10-14 black kinghts running around and they are all super beefy. They push us from the spawn even with 30 guys there. No one can really loot. Skinning is out of the questions.

Low level mobs we end up splitting up because they won't scale any higher. I think there should be a limit for smaller groups but when you reach a certain threshold like 20+ members they should start spawning more again like before. Giving us some leeway.

This will make PvE more enjoyable and rewarding. Then you can adjust the loot tables as needed till its well balanced for risk vs reward.
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