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PSA: The way XP works in the game and recent tweaks
We've seen quite a bit of confusion regarding how XP is earned in the game, and we decided to clear things out.
We also wanted to explain some tweaks we've done in that formula last night during our hotfix while noticing people not

You can gain xp modifiers from 4 sources currently:
- Magnitude: better weapons or debuffing your target increase xp.
- Monster tier: The higher the "color" of the monster on the map, the better xp.
- Scaling: The more people on the spawn, the more xp.
- Power hour: x2 xp for an hour.

The formula looks something like this if all factors were maxed out:
(baseXP + 50% from scaling + 50% from magnitude) x 2 from monster tier x 2 from power hour
There is a maximum cap of XP per action that can be reached, but that cap grows as your level in the skill grows.

Note that with the latest tweaks to scaling, we have changed:
- The impact of tiers to be double what it used to be. It was up to x1.5 and is now x2.
- Changed the scaling from 5% up to 10 to 2.5% up to 20 players.

The aim of both the changes and the explanation is to show players the way to most efficiently level their character.
We tend to prefer when players experiment and discover things on their own, but in this case the perception was too erroneous for the game's good.
We now hope people try to go after larger mobs, and scale them instead.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.