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Launceston [Human, Mirdain & Dwarf]

Launceston, who are we?

Here we hope to show you in more than a few words about our home while instructing you on our key principles, ambitions as a gaming community, how we implement our unique structure and what differentiates us from other Guilds and Clans.

Launceston is a fiefdom of the Duchy of Wessex and we wholeheartedly embrace everything that made Wessex as successful as it is today.

We provide members of Launceston with a feudal online gaming experience that is both immersive and unique. Taking the best from embracing role-playing in video games we apply an approach that we term 'practical role play'. What this means to you is we use historical Feudal organizations to create a guild structure that functions as a historical government. This structure not only imparts a proven technical organization, it also imparts a level of efficiency that will give us an advantage in the competitive aspect of the games we engage in.

In other words, we roleplay our structure, but not always in the game. The roles we play within Launceston's structure end when it affects our ability to perform in the game and no one needs to shout 'lightning bolt'.

With the fully developed institutions of the government in place, our members are able to explore and pursue careers in various avenues of medieval kingdom life. Shot-callers will have ranks in the Garrison to note them as such, for example.

Launceston, what do we play?

Launceston is currently playing Darkfall New Dawn - Under new management.

Currently own Hammerdale, south of human lands.

Hyperion is here.

Launceston, why we play?

Launceston is a clan run by gamers for gamers. We offer the opportunity to work as a team, learning, and building on skills that can be taken straight to the real world. Traits like teamwork, dedication, and commitment are all skills that we focus on honing and believe are extremely important as they can be utilized in your real life endeavors.

Launceston, how do I join?

Requirements For Launceston Membership:

Minimum age of 16.
Use of mic, discord is required for membership.
If you are in the game, presence on discord is mandatory.
Acceptance of a two week trial period.
Open to 'Practical Roleplay'.
Must be human, mirdain or dwarven
A suitable name to match our theme

If you feel you have what it takes to become a member of Launceston and you meet or exceed the above requirements, please feel free to join our discord at the link supplied below:

Our website - (Just forums for now, website is being built)

Who do I contact for more information?

For any further questions regarding recruitment, contact one of the below on the forum:

Sir Kaylem Sothenic

Thanks for reading and if you enjoy Darkfall and want to be a part of a community that is a stable, driven, competitive and doesn't believe that you are just a healer or statistic, then please do consider Launceston as the next and last clan you will join.
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Greetings and a welcome return, from the Tausian Dominion.

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Thank you old friend, I hope you're well.

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Nice Clan name, lovely holding
White flower at logo looks good
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Yeah there is a Launceston in Cornwall, England also, and also no, you don't need to be Australian lol :)

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Greetings and a welcome return, from the Tausian Dominion.

From the what?

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Hi Roy!
Madrik Dogweed

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Hi Mad Dog!

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Updated the original post with our website.

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Whats with the change from Malice/Raged to this ?
- Your Nan : OOK OOK -

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Welcome back i hope you guys stay longer this time

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Whats with the change from Malice/Raged to this ?

Hey Kael, only myself Fores and Kellshar playing from Raged but Malice merged into Launceston as we were struggling getting enough interest.