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Racial Passives
Greetings denizens of Agon,

Here are the much awaited description of the racial passives that we will implement in the short to medium term.
Note that much later down the line, we would like to add active abilities, and when that time comes, so will a free race change.
But these are the things you can expect soon and should inform your race choice for launch and the coming months.

General philosophy:
It is essential for us that race choice does not impose playstyle, and vice versa.
A race is a cosmetic, thematic and roleplay choice. Players should be able to play the race they like without being pigeonholed into a title or armor build.
There will be no specificity that makes a certain race better at industry, physical or magical abilities, or that enforce a specific weapon or school.

Racial passives will impact the way the character feels, but from a different perspective than these other systems.

Disclaimer about melee reaches:
First and foremost we have to clarify the state of melee.
We have altered reaches and attack origin points in proportion of hitboxes sizes and angles so that no race is at an innate advantage in melee.
All characters can hit each other at the same time, so that there are no mathematically superior melee race.

Note that we still consider opacity or camera sliders, but that is a medium term goal.
View restrictions for larger races are a barrier of entry that we want to smooth out.

Racial passives per race:
All currently existing racial skills will be removed.

Mahirim :
- Huntspeed: +10% run/strafe speed
- Thick hide:  +30 HP
- Highest point of view and tallest hitbox

Ork :
- Resillience: +12% hp regen
- Thick skin: +15hp
- Higher hitbox and point of view.

- Human ingenuity: Increases the duration of food buffs by 20% (was 5%)
- Average hitbox size and point of view

Dwarf :
- Perseverance: 10% reduction of inbound secondary damage types. (the stamina/mana damage portion of an attack)
- Shortest hitbox and lowest point of view

Mirdain :
- Elfsight: +50% identification range. Base for all races will be 120m, Elfsight brings it to 180m (it used to only add +10m)
- Average hitbox size and point of view

Alfar :
- Sneaky Approach: -60m to the range at which it can be identified. 60m for most races , 120m for Mirdains
- Smallest visual target and lowest point of view
- Every other race is a free kill to Alfars.

Link to the discussion thread
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.