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Freeze when exiting GUI mode
Ever since the start of InDev I have had freezes when exiting the GUI mode. Going into GUI mode does not freeze the game. I run the game without shadows at a comfortable 180fps, so I think my pc should be able to handle the switch. I am not home right now so I cant't post my pc specs.

In another thread on this forum I read that someone had the same problem and Übergames responded that it might be the keyboard that is causing the problem. I use a Logitech G19. I switched to a different keyboard I have that I use for working at home, type unknown now, but I still had the problem.

This freeze is very frustrating, when riding around with others, if I exit the GUI mode I actually fall behind, so it's not just a freeze of my screen.

Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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Oh man that reminds me of my keyboard problem in 2009 in DF.

I had a gaming keyboard with macro keys (from hama iirc) and every time i toggled the GUI it froze for 2-3s or so.

I had to either use a totally different keyboard to log in with, then once in-game after loading screen, I could switch to my "gaming keyboard". (or log into launcher, disconnect KB, press play, connect KB once totally in game)

AV back then said that some macro functions are causing this problem. Did you test the other keyboard while in-game or did you also log in with it? Has it any special features like macro keys etc?

Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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I may have time to test it again today but probably can only test after launch. I am not sure if I tested it while also restarting, pretty sure I did. The second keyboard is not one with macro possibility. The first one has the possibility but haven't actually enabled any macros.

Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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Different keyboard did not fix it for me. Old keyboard was G15 (not G19), this one is logitech K120

Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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Problem was my Drakonia Black mouse. When I unplug it before I start DF and plug it back in after, it is fixed.

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Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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I have had a long lasting problem with this on my laptop and today I finally fixed it. What worked for me was disabling certain drivers in Human interface devices. (I'm using dutch windows so I'm not sure how it translates).


The translation would be something like: "HID-Device for control by users".

I have no idea on the technicalities behind this but I hope it may be of use to anyone.
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Re: Freeze when exiting GUI mode
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I dueled him once and was in control first half of the fight and then food buff wore out and not noticing lost, so he did win but hes by no means any better a player than I.