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Will it be entertainer titles?
Will the game provide entertainer tiltes? My plan was to roll an alt for special PvP purposes, but its feels so narrow and want to maximize income on it as it cannot sustain itself in for example PvE. Its a sheep like character that will be easily hunted by wolfpacks and it will mostly run in circles when hunted and/or cornered.

My plan was to have an alt going full heavy and specialize in melee. When not used for extremely situational PvP events, I plan to show him off in NPC chaos cities for money.

My main and crafting alt will be Ub3rmages.

NOTE: After popular demand I need to elaborate on why Im to offer such a rare occurance in chaos cities only. Leaked design documents indicate that forced full heavy will be a penalty for characters going red.
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Re: Will it be entertainer titles?
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Although this is obviously a poorly written troll post by a manic mind, the title grabbed my interest.
I remember with some fondness the entertainer profession in old Star Wars Galaxies and some form of the same would be great to have in this game down the line.
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Re: Will it be entertainer titles?
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Re: Will it be entertainer titles?
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As a heavy once you got titles, you can't do shit with a robe.
You could mix match bone, but as the current system works, it's not worth to mix it with metal.
You can't sell low dura gear.
You cannot salvage it.
As a heavy you cannot flee from a fight, if on loosing side, guaranteed loss.
Current cost of heavy gear is 2-3X slower to farm than a Giant Bone set or a Robe.

Heavy = high risk, no reward.

Hm, wonder where the crying comes from.


Why can't we have encumbrance as:
- mana drain penalty to casting
- stamina drain penalty when drawing a bow
- slow casting speed/bow drawing speed like now
 instead of:
- lowered damage and effects to a point of uselessness

It would solve mobility issues, and heavy could be mixed with bone to personalize more your style. It is true that heavy gear would be sought more after than now, but it's the most costly armor piece now, it should be.
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However, you have to take into account why we are introducing local banking.
In New Dawn, its main purpose is to be a convenience feature.
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