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Loot bag

I'm looking for an option to set a default loot bag... When Darkfall: New Dawn started I remember there was something like this, and even 2 days ago I think I managed to set a loot bag somehow, albeit I was heavily drunk (don't judge).

There's even a forum thread about it here:,4737.0.html?PHPSESSID=c3ubvvp50bg4erl2b139k4n3p3

Is there a way to set a loot bag please? If so, how?

Re: Loot bag
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RoA has a loot bag, New Dawn does not (yet).

What ND does have are:
* press F to loot everything from grave
* hold CTRL + double click an item to select all items of the same type
* hold CLTR + triple click an item to select all items from the same category (ie bone armor)

maybe some of those can help you out, combined with U key (auto-sort function), at least until dedicated loot bag comes.

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Re: Loot bag
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Considering roa copied  a lot of DND design I fail to see why Uber cant incorporate their best ideas, this might be one of them.
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