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Trial accounts - harvesting accounts
Just a thought.

I suggest allowing trial accounts that are skill capped, no masteries allowed - Let people duel box harvest as much as they like. 

As i see it problem with Darkfall is population and content, not inflation - the game is stacked for PVP to provide the content, low population hinders that.  Allowing free trial accounts helps artificially boost population.

Remember the start of in-dev, all those semi afk harvesters providing targets for racial warfare, its lowbie entry level pvp, its an additional content that snowballs.  Hunting the harvesters is content, hunting down the PK that's killing harvesters is additional content.

You need sheep for the wolves and wolves for the hunters - making more sheep helps keep the food chain going.

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Re: Trial accounts - harvesting accounts
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Haha, I remember in the beginning of Indev, there was a short free period.

And right outside of the gates of Sanguine there was a small army of harvesting alts.
Player names were something like SG1, SG2, SG3, SG4, SG5, SG6 ... all naked, standing in a tight formation
with harvesting tools in hand.

It was actually kind of funny.
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Re: Trial accounts - harvesting accounts
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harvesting bots are not sheep,
stupid suggestion sorry

Re: Trial accounts - harvesting accounts
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maybe grass for the sheep is a better analogy :P