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Nice suggestion. It empowers players to influence game world. It will give holding much needed value. 

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I don't think this is the "best suggestion."

The fixed 25 hours timer we have now is way more dynamic and allows everyone to participate on an even scale and does not favor one particular region over others. It favors and disfavors everyone at the same rate.
One group who got favored by a village for a week, will be disfavored by the same village next week and vice versa.

Your suggestion would statically always only favor one group and disfavor others, unless the holding gets sieged and changes ownership from NA to EU or vice versa. Yes, you could say that this adds value to a holding, because it has many villages connected.

However, it doesn't feel "right" or like an "organic" solution. It will create permanent imbalances, especially for specific remote regions.

For instance on Niffleheim, Angfrost would be linked to three villages, Frostcoast to one and all the other holdings to none.
Hypothetically, if Angfrost is owned by a NA clan and the other holdings by EU and / or RU clans, there is very little chance for the EU / RU clans to capture any of the villages at any comfortable time because they will always be live at off hours for EU / RU. While the clan of Angfrost would have an easy time capturing them over and over and over again without much resistance.
Same scenario for Ul'Sulak on Ruby.

This is just an extreme example. But it would be similar to other villages all over the world, especially for remote regions. Some villages would never be captureable for players from a different timezone. Especially if they have holdings with no villages connected.
And it also creates problems for players from the same timezone. Like if you have multiple villages in a region go live at the same time, every clan captures its village and then go home, because there is no point riding to the other village, because it most likely will be captured at the same time. Etc.
Interesting point about Niffleheim. Your second point though about villages going live at the same time is not correct. As I said - villages would activate randomly within siege window time. So they could activate even few hours from each other. With randomized timer within siege window it is not likely they would activate at the same time.

Now back to Nifle - you don't have to link all three villages to Angfrost. But even if you do - that would make Angfrost one of the best cities in game. A reason to fight over it. Now there is none. What we have now is out of players control. 2/3 of the month villages are out of one's prime time window. No matter what you do. With villages connected to siege windows you could chose your neighbors with their prime time window in mind. It's not like you are forced into Nifleheim. Let players influence the world. Shape it.

Also have in mind - all villages in the world would be connected to prime time windows. So quite a lot of them would activate in your prime time, no matter if you are EU or NA. So it wouldn't be like now, when you have literally one or two villages, sometimes on the other side of the world that you need to go to if you want any action. There would be plenty everywhere for you to chose from. Even if your holding is not connected to one. And your neighbor is from different time zone.
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Re: village/upkeep
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FFS @Ub3rgames , do something. It's prime time and there are 4 villages going live in next two hours. Three of them in areas so remote, I would have to travel 40 minutes to get there. One 20 minutes away from me. All other villages will activate in off-hours. Why waste only content we have for off-hours? Read this suggestion and implement it. Move village activation to prime time. Do us and yourself a favor, start listening.
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Re: village/upkeep
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It would be even enough to leave villages as they are, with sliding timers, but make them slide through prime time window hours only. So 6h in NA prime time, 6h in EU prime time. Never really activating outside of these 12 hours of EU and NA prime time combined.

But no, it's too hard for them to think of something like this.
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Re: village/upkeep
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But no, it's too hard for them to think of something like this.
There's plenty of time the devs have already spend on thinking. It's clear this is a lack of (human) resources as developing things is 20x as slower than thinking of them. And there's already an unending list of tasks yet to be done.

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