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How will you Tackle the NPE? (New Player Experience)
I remember for a long time even first playing this game was brutal. Also what made matters worse was not really knowing what you were doing or having a generally good ideas or directions/goals when playing Darkfall. Sometimes you might get lucky and join a local racial clan that is nice enough to get you on your feet and going, other times? Not so much, and god help you if you decided to go raid a goblin camp first with your starting weapon only to run into some reds on mounts waiting to gank you and loot what ever you had on you. (IF you had anything.) IF that wasn't bad enough there was also the wonderful "Grey" Tag exploit where someone would hit you go grey long enough for you to chase them around a tree until they're blue again and you're dumb enough to hit them and then you get hit by zap towers, GG. (Think this was fixed eventually? but best example I could think of for general noobie griefing)

Generally also there were just numerous occasions where I found myself experimenting a lot (which don't get my wrong I feel that was part of Darkfall's charm figuring out what works and what doesn't work for you) and realizing I put myself into sub-optimal builds which .... sure was fun at the time as a new player, but looking back it just sunk more time and gold that could've been put to better use elsewhere.

Often however it seems really the BEST way to get into DFO was just getting into a clan hands down, getting hooked up with people who knew the game better than you and hope they were nice enough to show you the ropes. (which often usually meant you having to browse through the forums alot for recruitment or checking racial/map/zone chats for anything useful which ... 90% of the time it was about as bad as Barrens chat)

TLDR; How is Ubergames going to tackle the newbie experience without completely holding their hand but at least providing some general guidance so they aren't immediately chased out by the generally intimidating/antagonizing mechanics that DFO 2012 had.
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Re: How will you Tackle the NPE? (New Player Experience)
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This is an easy question with a long answer.
In very short: almost every change we are doing are aimed at making veteran players need new players, in order to encourage the vets to defend and mentor the new players.

For example, watchtowers are designed to buff the resources of an area and tax the results of the land. If you have a watchtower overlapping a goblin spawn, you may want to keep your noobs alive and farming goblins, because that is how you will gain resources as a clan/alliance. I will work because low level components will be part of higher level crafting recipes, to keep low level resources still relevant and worth placing a watchtower over.
There will also be mob scaling, so bringing in new players in PvE runs will benefit everyone, and will be a legitimate way of power leveling a new player.
We are also implementing the Infamy system and improving the alignment system. Defending a new player will be lucrative and killing one will be a potential net loss.

Outside of watchtowers, the relevance of low level resources will also allow new players to earn revenue by selling to veteran players and get into the economy faster, purchasing whatever they feel like and funding their character growth.

Another point of course, is just improving the interface and the "feedback" the game gives to players about what they are doing.
In details, we have already spent quite some time improving the first impression of the game, and are working on improving the learning curve. We will be removing several passive skills, and making others baseline, so that not knowing where and what to buy won't be such an issue until later in the game.
This will also remove part of the interface clutter, and we have more plans in the works to make it clearer.

The experimentation and suboptimal builds will also be fixed by general balancing. If everything is somewhat worth using at high level, then it is harder to gimp yourself. And with the title system, we can let new players focus on a more streamlined playstyle and still see some results. The reduction of the power gap and grind will be a huge boon to early player retention.

Overall, we always try to make changes that will improve the lives of everyone, be them solo, group, casual, hardcore, new or veteran players. And hopefully this will translate in a much better new player experience, but also a better experience for everyone.
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