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LF active clan
As much fun as I had in Jungle Kingdom, it is a dead clan atm. I am looking for an active group to play with. I can craft to help the clan, but I really like fighting and even group pve. I am not a great PVPer, but I am trying to improve and I wont get mad or cry about losing gear bags.  I will gladly help farm to get funds for war decs and gear bags for sieges.

Edit: I am NA, but play mostly on weekends. I have no problem joining EU players or mixed clans.
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Re: LF active clan
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You can join Raap (Uprising) in his village capping conquests at weekends if you don't find any better group. Can't promise activity though, it seems that last patch hype ended in 1 week, maybe after next one.
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Re: LF active clan
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Uprising has no actives during NA time, it's just a few of us during EU times.

Your best shot at activity is with NA clans, even if they are few to pick from.