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In-game voice chat
This feature has take online gaming to another level. The immersion that it brings it's incomparable to other features. Anyone that has seen any of the latest survival games knows what I'm talking about. DayZ and second life just to mention a couple.

I believe this feature it's not only a perfect match for darkfall but also a complete necessity. One should not rely in third party softwares to play a game. The freedom that brings just to approach someone and freely ask them something would be like no other. Being able to hear other people talking would really make you feel that you are in a real living world.

Re: In-game voice chat
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We agree with this, and not only for open world interactions.
We have played Planetside 2 quite a bit, and see the appeal in their kind of group organization, especially for our racial wars.
We will investigate the possibilities, but it may require a large change of the engine, so it would come at a later date.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: In-game voice chat
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Before anything, greatly appreciated your promptly response. I'm not a programmer so please excuse me if what I'm about to say is nonsense. But instead of a change to the engine couldn't it be just an add-on to the engine that determines your coordinates and creates communication channels automatically like in ventrilo where players are added automatically if they happen to be both in an area like of 2 miles of circumference and as further or closer they are the volume of each other would adjust accordingly?
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Re: In-game voice chat
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We prefer to have it done in the engine.
The way you are thinking would work technically, but it would still require us to create some form of API that external servers can poll to put players in the appropriate channels which means there will be player coordinates floating out there into the wild.
That method would also not answer to the "install third party program" issue you mentioned.

This feature is not technically hard to implement, we are just cautious about promising things when we do not have enough visibility as of now. We will focus on making the game playable and sustainable first, Then we will add immersion enhancing technologies and features before going back to create more content.

In this case, and as often, our answer is YES, we will do it, but as time allows.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: In-game voice chat
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Sure, it was only a suggestion in the face that changing the engine would take too much resources or having to wait years to be able to implement it. The install third party program issue was more specifically in the way that they are not really fusion with the game; The fact that you have to be alt-tabbing and manipulating windows while playing, etc. As an add-on like WoW's many which are displayed in-game I don't think it could really be called an issue anymore even if they are third party.