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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Yeah other then those bindings i switch between bars by using the shift 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc

Proof that it's not about the binds... King Wae still kills most of us.

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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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I use QWES for movement. Am I weird?

Yes, but not coz of the the QWES bit.
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Excluding transfers you really don't need many hotkeys on dnd now :S
Scroll or switch between two bars then hotkey your most used on caps, tab, grave, Q, E, R, T, \, Z, X

F and C stay default for me, too used to use and crouch in other games

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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Proof that it's not about the binds... King Wae still kills most of us.

of course key bindings don't define how good you are. you'll have a hard time finding anyone who thinks like that. but good keybindings can help you and bad ones can hinder you.
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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I use QWES for movement. Am I weird?

Yes, but not coz of the the QWES bit.
Fair enough.
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Some of the keybinds are far to complex and make sure you have to practive for ages to be able to find whatever you want to do.

I used double binds a lot and can not do that properly like in old DFO system

@Ub3rgames Cycle option messes up double binding, in old DF i was able with the help of a macro to set 2 actions to one button, simply put the weapon i use enables the selection or disables it. Sword doesnt show magic spells but goes to melee skill, not many used that but it worked perfectly in DFO.

Best system imho is that DnD starts working on a keyboard based binding system so you see what key does what instead of setting it from the hotbarsystem.. Add profiles to that so people can switch between roles in a few seconds. The binding system should allow double binding otherwise we are all over the keyboard like a pro korean farmer on steroids.
The binding system should have a melee and a magic option per button to bind to a Hotkey. This wouldnt take much to do with current system, only bug issue for me is that the cycle option delays that double binding.

Simple set up could lead to  something like this which in my opinion is fast and easy and does not requir much racing around the keyboard at all.
R = rays in cycle and disabling blow
F = KB spells in cycle like fireball/magma and knock back melee and or power attack
C - Aoe and power attack or knock back.
q on cycle stam 2 hp and witches brew. (wouldnt use it in a fight but the LM healing spell can be set in this aswell)
e on cycle man 2 stam and hp to mana

Wall of Force and nukes i have set to mouse top buttons if anyone wunders about that. Heal other hotkey plus sacrifice etc is on click mouse wheel. Weapon selection is set to mouse aswell got 4 thumb buttons so i can switch fast and easily. I use a G700 mouse for info.

Setting your hotkeys for cycling debuffs and blinds could be set to either 1-2-3-4, eye rot and pungent will go to 1 and 2 for me and the blind on 3 debuff cycle on 4. You have no need to select spells with number keys if the spells are hotkeyed.  Functions keys can also be used to put your siege hammer or other non pvp based items for instance spawn raft or boat etc. dont put pots or other stuff on function keys since your hand has to leave the wasd movement keys to be able to use that.

This is my simple DnD control set up, if DnD fixes the double tap for double binds then this can work without much work. Since ray mechanics is different now there is no real need for macro's with DnD controls and that is a good thing, it levels the playing field by a lot.

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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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i added a contextual bindings part in my guide:,5567.msg88989.html

I read it , are you trying to give me a tip or?
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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your post inspired me to add this part and i thought it might be something you are interested in.
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Select most 20 essential things and add them to controls. Pretty much that is happened for most of the guys who posted here, anyways. UW again had the right direction. Having 100 skills to choose from on the fly does not happen. It's an illusion.
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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i use a naga 12 button mouse on my right and a razer game pad on the left (15 buttons)  makes life so much easier than using the keyboard i barely touch it anymore except for gank/revive and rest

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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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I'm sorry if I'm interrupting the circle jerk, but I just have to remind everyone that new players are gonna think this thread has to be a joke, and if this keybind hell is still a thing at release, this game is not gonna go anywhere.

People use shift+ctrl+space in all FPS games. There are no available modifier keys unless you remove sprinting. That's just how it is. If you are an FPS game, you need to respect the standards so that people don't need to fight against their muscle memory.

My guess is you can expect people to accept around 12 hotkeys plus the standard controls. Maybe a few F-buttons in addition to that if they are not needed that often.

Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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I currently only have two hotbars. One for Melee/Bow/essential Combat Magic and one for more complex magic.
The melee one has:

e:power attack, double tap ray autocast return to weapon
r:heal return to weapon
tab:begone return to weapon
^:debuff return to weapon
1:vampiric touch return to weapon, double tap free option
4:Eye rot double tap Confusion return to weapon
Mouse Middle button: buff return to weapon

Mousebutton Side 2: draw melee weapon and whirlwind
Mousebutton left to the leftclick (Roccat Kova) draw bow
Mousbutton right to right Click: draw shield
Mousebutton Side 1: Staff and switch to hotbar 2 and select bolt
basically all manual weapon switching is done on the mouse

hotbar 2:
Many skills are the same as hotbar 1 but with more tap through options (the rule is 1-4 can differ completely), qer^tab stay the same on the first tap.

q: mana/stam, health/mana
e: ray stuff, one ray, vamp, leech
r: heal combo (stam/heath, wb, stam health, heal,stam health)
tab: begone, shrapnel, telkenise, launch
1:nuke combo
2:free atm
3:heal other, sacrifice, ward, heal mount
4:eye rot, confusion, death fog, maybe wof
Middle Click: buffs

v: mount
three buttons below spacebar: 2 potions and food

It is very reduced compared to what i had in DF but it plays out fine so far and no finger needs to move more than one button further from where it rests (i am not the PK type of player i have to say).
I might be a bit limited if i stay on hotbar 1 but there is alot of essential stuff in there.

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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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button 1  - cast 30 sec stun
button 2  - cast 20 sec debuff
button 3 - cast damage spell with 401 damage

dont need more  :o  :-X
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Re: Let's Talk Keybinds
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Warning: Not newbie friendly.

Bind Gui Hotbar Column 0 Row 1 -> Skill tree, for example heals, put sacrafice on it, check switch to this hotbar and nothing else.
To cast heal other, press W, but have this on autocast, no other options.
This way, every cast is about 2 presses, either a key + mouse attack or 2 keys on the keyboard.

Movement keys at the center of the keyboard, since pinky finger is the less fixed, due to not being used by movement, it has a higher range of keys to use.
D, T, G, H movement keys serve as a pivot for other fingers, for example when I have to press V for heals, I do it with my middle finger in case I am strafing left/right, if I am pressing forward or backwards I use by point finger.
No cycling or modifiers.
Can't use all the spell, unless enable cycling, but that beats the 2 key cast.
Will have trouble when more melee skills will be introduced as there are are hotkeys only for 8 skills, including the column selection.
Transfers and other important actions are one keypress on autocast, like potions, mounts, food.
Power hour used with mouse, to not accidentally toggle it.

Part of the binds on hotbar:

1 - Melee weap / Shield hotbar, shared
2 - Bow
3 - Displacement spells
4. - Heals (Self heals, heal others and leeches)
5. - Debuff + blinds
6. - Other buffs
7. - Unused
8. - DPS spells
9. - Unused
0. - Self buffs

Started to mess with this a little bit and just said the hell with it and went with the full key bind setup.

It looks like a big giant mess but actually laid out pretty logically. I like it. I just hope I can learn to use it. I thought the movement keys with the left key one over from the right movement key was going to screw me up it's actually more comfortable