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Topic: WTB some enchant mats, theyril, thick leather, keys (Read 98 times) previous topic - next topic

WTB some enchant mats, theyril, thick leather, keys

Q3 Ghostly Darktaint
Q3 Dwarf Heart

Q4 Claw
Q4 Tooth
Q4 Bone
Q4 Shadowcrest
Q4 Heart

Theyril ore/ingots

Thick leather (like everyone else it seems)

Neithal / Leenspar keys (can trade up a stack of veilron keys)

Can trade with gold, most rares, other crafting mats / enchant mats. PM me on the forums or in game to let me know what you're looking to get for any of the above.

In game: TimothyJB NewDawn
TimothyJB NewDawn
Supreme General of Seek and Destroy, previously of The Crimson Brotherhood
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