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Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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Craftingin Darkfall has always been about gathering mats, and then hitting "Combine".    If you don't like gathering mats (harvesting and PvE) then IMO the game will hold nothing for you.
Dont you perhaps forget trading for your materials? In a healthy economy, that shouldnt be a problem. I also hope there will be enough 'meta game' when it comes to logistics and trade, so this combined with crafting could be sole viable profession if one chooses so.

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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Titles will make crafting viable, normal players wont select crafting titles as they wanna get combat titles, of course there will be people paying 2x subs for alts but that happens in every game, most players dont even wanna pay 1 sub :D

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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It should be noted in the DND roadmap it does list crafting as a full time activity as a feature on the roadmap.

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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I never played DarkFall before but this new iteration seems interesting; I've been looking for a MMO since a long time.
While I might experience combat from time to time, I'm essentially interested in the economy and the crafting mechanics.
Which is why I'm asking you, wise and experienced players, if playing a (almost) pure crafter was viable.

I've found too many MMOs where crafting was either:
1) Useless (or useful only at very high level)
2) A side activity without any specialization or involvment required, meaning fighters were also crafting
3) Completely meaningless because people were usually running one or several alts to do everything by themselves (... in a MMO, yes.)

Thank you for your time  8)

To insert some perspective from a new player:  The DF community as a whole suffers from hyper-focus on a singular dimension of the game, namely PvP.  While DF is clearly a pvp centric game, there are many more dimensions to it and Ubergames intends to raise those dimensions up.  Let's be clear.  This is an uphill battle due to the existing community's pre-disposition.  I don't think asking the existing community about the viability of 100% crafting is going to generate fair responses.  It would be like asking a pack of wolves(canines) if a vegetarian diet is feasible. 

The question should be directed to Ubergames and answered from the lens of their design vision.  Once that vision is realized and the community adjusts to it, then the question may be fairly posed to those playing the game.
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Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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I've crafted heavily/obsessively in many MMO's, as have many here, so I don't think your Wolf analogy applies to all opinions expressed here.

Ub3r has already expressed a great many opinions and strategies, in a great many threads.  And frankly, crafting seems to be low on their priority list, and their lack of response to this thread in one month, I think, supports that.  Even if they did answer, I doubt you'd hear much that hasn't already been expressed.

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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We haven't answered because this is a thread asking questions to players. It is not our place to answer it.
We have plans for crafting and the economy that are well known, and our objectives are to make crafting and trading become a legitimate full time playstyle.
We're not there yet, but it is work in progress.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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I think that local banking and markets will make being a merchant very viable.  Hopefully, titles will make the crafting focus viable. I look forward to seeing title patch notes.

Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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I think that local banking and markets will make being a merchant very viable.  Hopefully, titles will make the crafting focus viable. I look forward to seeing title patch notes.

The title system will be the key in a lot of ways, first off in that you will need the title to get the mastery so PvPers wont be top end crafters any more so the crafter pop will be greatly reduced at the top end .Clan crafters will no longer be the best most likely, because they will go for multiple titles to make a broad spectrum instead of super specializing, so the clan crafter will likely make many things very well but the solo specialist 'sword' crafter will out perform them in their specialty because of so many titles dedicated to the same purpose. Then even in a town you might hve a general crafter whos not very expensive and fills many day to day needs and some specialists who charge for their extra quality but are filling a more specialty need.

Right now my main can do everything just as well as anyone (fight harvest craft everything), after titles he will have to become our clan crafter and though he still can fight he will no longer be on par with a PvP title build nor as good as a specialist crafter.

So many niches of play will open up between titles, markets and local banking.

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Re: Playing as a pure crafter ?
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Read the road map if you have the time and haven't done so already. Uber doesn't need to respond to this thread because they've already responded to numerous forms of these questions and have already expressed, in great detail, the specialization of many play styles including but not limited to crafting, gathering, warrior, sailor, archer, mage, buffer, debuffer and trader.
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