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DFUW disable mechanic
Was fun when you could outplay an opponent by predicting his disable blow. I would love if they added it to dnd!

Yay or nay?

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Re: DFUW disable mechanic
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Disabling blow should work only if you are actively parry and not spammed and working even if you aren't using a shield.
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Re: DFUW disable mechanic
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I'm 50/50 on this.
I agree on dfuw it was nice and i would be up for it.

But at the same time , on dfo if you fight outnumbered against a group who knows how to play and heal each other , you wont kill any of them or hardly . Or they need to lower the cooldown of disables skills if they do that.

But like the rest of meta suggestions , i think they wont touch anything since some things might get affected with titles

Re: DFUW disable mechanic
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Didn't play dfuw but disable shouldn't last so long for sure, maybe half duration now everyone has 100

Re: DFUW disable mechanic
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for my modest opinion the disable of dfuw was a shit