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Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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I agree.  I think mount stamina should be tied to player stamina. 

The actual system is incomplete, but if it stay like this then i will continue to use the bluetail because after ~1,5 km my stamina is completely drained forcing me to stop and regen. There is no way i will use a normal mount with the new backpack system risking hours of grind and farm and get stomped because i don't have the stamina left to escape.
It will simply not worth the risk and bluetail will remain the best compromise.

Even the "other iteration" solution is the same as Ub3rgames but with a different implementation, all mounts have the same speed with their dedicated stamina and hp bar but the whole amount is based on the total HP pool (battlehorn lots of HP but low stamina so less sprinting time, bluetail more stamina but very weak HP but more sprinting time).

Great post Falce

Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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I prefer adding a dynamic bar below existing one when we ride a mount/vehicle/etc.  The whole figurine spawn/despawn is outdated and should be reviewed.   An mmorpg without stable master feels wrong :-)

Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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The mounts will be protected only if they have a certain amount of weight in inventory, to be decided.
Or perhaps a leash system that takes time to bind the mount to a location.

We'll see how the first weight limitation gets used in game.
We're trying to give more protection to mount owners without losing the in fight "jump on abandoned mount" clutch escapes.

It is unlikely we'll move away from the figurine system any time soon.
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Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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If the clutch escape mount steal is the use case that should be preserved then perhaps we want to encourage people to 'leave the keys in the car' so to speak, aka not perform some kind of mount locking activity because it either costs time to engage, disengage, consumes resource, or makes noise and thus in chaotic battles it is likely that their are in fact unlocked mounts nearby that can be grabbed.
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Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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The reason why we implemented only the first iteration was because designing stamina the way we wanted would take a while.
Starting to test the technical implementation and see how the current top speed was perceived made sense to us.

However, the way we want it to work is that the more stamina the mount has left, the more it regenerates, so that finding a proper balance of sprinting and not sprinting would allow for a cruise speed that does not consume stamina and is in the hands of the player.
This requires to redo a portion of the way riding is done as it is basically tied to how running/sprinting is.

This would mean that a player would have the choice of increased speed or increased sustainability, balancing both to make a trip shorter/riskier.
In our opinion, mounts as figurine should regenerate stamina following the same logic than when spawned in the wild, or perhaps slower, but still regenerating.
That said, with mount inventories, we do expect people to keep their mounts out to serve as mobile strongboxes when PvEing, so there may not be a point in differentiating backpack/animal forms.

This is still very much work in progress, and we are working on mount inventories first.

One question to the community though:
We have an internal debate on the need for a vital stat window for the mount.
It may add some more clutter to the gui, but it would be always visible.
Or we could add a second stamina bar when looking at the mount, just like when you look at its HP.
If the latter, then visible from outsiders or riders only is another debate.

In general, this is a core system for New Dawn to function, so we are taking our time with it.
@Ub3rgames how about a gui addition that maybe covers the current stamina bar when you are mounted :)

Personally think gui would be nicer to have, I guess most players would find it tedious to look down at the mount for stamina when you're supposed to be looking where you're riding :P

Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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We should continue to have the freedom to steal mount.  Mount should die to mobs.  One shouldn't expect to park a mount in the middle of mob spawn.  Mount should be placed outside the radius of spawn.

Having said that, Alt-Use key can have another option called "park" and only the owner can unpark it.  Any player can use certain amount of  battlespike to unpark a mount.   This buys time, create noise, and requires the thief to have some investment for stealing.

Back to OP, it is pretty sad what happens in RoA forum and I feel sorry for their Dev. I don't think DND dev should care about those inputs.  RoA has a bunch of arena mentality PvP players and anytime the game introduces anything that requires strategy you will see hysteria from those vets.
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Re: How will mount stamina regen?
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RoA has a bunch of arena mentality PvP players and anytime the game introduces anything that requires strategy you will see hysteria from those vets.

I notice it with the removal of race wars, guess is a cultural thing radicated in their dna.
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