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Devil Event [Short]

Need help with rendering settings, finally got a new computer and can record is crisp quality, just don't know how to render well.

Re: Devil Event [Short]
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That's an impressive kill streak for sure. 

Did the GM's happen to get any footage?  Or anyone who fought the Devils?
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Re: Devil Event [Short]
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Heard shadowplay seems to be not working since a recent update so nobody from our clan got footage. Full on pvp for 2 hours though was great. Devils were a bit hard to fight since they were player controlled.

Re: Devil Event [Short]
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I have lots of footage, working on it now.

Re: Devil Event [Short]
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It would only be right if this video were re-uploaded with the track "Clubbed to Death". Come now.

Re: Devil Event [Short]
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dweebgasm only released 37 seconds because probably only point in the fight his max character found some noobs he could actually kill lol

garbage game, garbage player, lol

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