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Re: Imperium/LXV DFUW
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The more clans the better in DND! Welcome back guys!

Re: Imperium/LXV DFUW
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Feel free to message me if you're looking to reestablish contact with Imperium's spiritual successor/spinoff clan (LXV).

@Revival Maybe you could re-join Imperium itself?

Imperium fell apart and a few of us reconstituted ourselves in LXV as a smaller band of folks. As folks came back around and became active again, LXV was specifically stated as a home to everyone who played with Imperium.

But, the leadership carry-over was only myself; the original core leaders of Imperium had long since quit the game, and the Imperium project was pretty different from what LXV was going for.

LXV started out as one of the Tribes that together constituted Imperium; we would definitely be interested in doing so again if others are interested in collaborating on another Imperium project.

I'm Aurelius Augustus#8912 on Discord and on Steam if anyone is considering working on this and wants to chat.
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Re: Imperium/LXV DFUW
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Anyone from Imperium/LXV etc still thinking about playing?

We've got an old-timers discord to talk nostalgia if anyone wants to hit us up. Feel free to message me for an invite link.

- Augustus