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Living on a globe
Actually, i wish to know if it would be possible to cross the edge of the world only to appear on the other side. It's an other feature we were supposed to get, but it got scrapped like everything else.

Re: Living on a globe
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Yes, but not straight away. And rather than be a globe it will be more like a cylinder where only east and west are connected.
We will also reserve the right to one day add new lands in that area, if we manage to have a growing population.

With the naval trade routes, it will be great to be able to get more avenues and will make Silvertown(?) a capital for pirates to terrorize the great ocean.
We're also considering adding naval war fronts and a connected east west would help with that.

As we said a couple times on reddit, we have only translated 50% of our overall design document. The rest is "Expansion material". We needed to think about that straight away in order to not design early changes that would block us 2 years down the road.

We mention this because the features in this specific post are part of that: Yes, we thought about them, we know how we want to do them, but it will be most likely in years. So much potential, but so little time.
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Re: Living on a globe
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When do we get spaceships, its important that we colonize other planets in case of extinction level events.. okay mommy?